Digital marketing in india

Digital Marketing in India

Before we discuss the opportunities of digital marketing in India, lets first understand “what is digital marketing?”  It is a marketing method that uses an electronic device or the internet to promote the products and services of a company online. Simply we can say that we promote our products and services to the customers who use the internet.

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We already know that marketing is all about connecting our business to the right customers at the right time. The Internet has given us the opportunity to do marketing in a better way than that of traditional marketing processes which are being used until today. But traditional marketing practices takes a lot of time, effort, peoples and much more and also its outcome is not fixed. On the other hand, if we talk about digital marketing practices, it takes a lot much less time compared to the traditional one.

Evolution of Indian Digital Marketing

Evolution of digital marketing in India

India is the 2nd most populated country in the world which has the fastest increasing number of internet users than the rest part of the world. In India, the era of digital marketing started around 2010 when snapdeal and Flipkart entered the space of E-Commerce in India. The growth of digital marketing from the year 2010 to 2019 is magical. The growth was achieved due to the internet-enabled mobile phone which has become the primary need for everyone. The future of digital marketing in India is much brighter.

Digital marketing connects directly to its core Customers

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These days, the scene of digitalization is much different. Let me tell you some examples. If the mother has to cook a new recipe she crawls the youtube and cooks accordingly. Suddenly you forgot a vocabulary, you ask Google to tell its meaning and google answers it quickly. Earlier it took at least 5 minutes to find a word in the dictionary. Now lets come down on business its more trustworthy to be a part of the cluster. Businesses are going at the sonic boom with digital marketing. Now the customers are defined, now businesses don’t have to read the minds of the people. This work is now done by software and tells the brands about the customers who want their products and services.

Why digital marketing is booming in India?

There are several reasons to explain the same however I am listing here some of the common reasons which are making it brighter day after day.

Traditional marketing to digital marketing pace
  • Traditional marketing requires a lot of effort and has a certain small area to reach.
  • There is extremely less use of manpower and is more productive.
  • The government is also supporting digital marketing through its initiative “Digital India Scheme”.
  • Several institutions came up with a course on digital marketing.
  • There are tremendous opportunities in making a career in Digital Marketing.
  • It’s much affordable for business as well as its customers.
  • Big to small cities are getting digitally stronger.
  • The rapid growth in the number of internet users in India (493 million active users per day).
  • The digital advertising market is also at its peak.

Digital marketing agency in India:

Within 3 years, the demand for digital marketing agencies in India increased to a greater percentage. The reason behind this was a telecom company that started providing cellular data at a cheap cost which helped millions of users come online. Now the brands which had online presence started gaining more popularity than that of offline businesses. Now they started hiring agencies that can help them to build their online presence. In the first step, they need Web design and development. After that, they try to showcase their products and advertisement online through graphics designing. To increase their lead and sales they need SEO services. Some Shopkeepers need E-Commerce solutions. Digital marketing agencies provide all such services mentioned above. Oneion Media & Softwares digital marketing agency deals in website design in Patna.

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