Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is the golden key for marketers who wish to increase their sales. If one is getting high lead and sales by investing a little or without any investment then why should I not agree that it is a colorful bed of roses for marketers. Social media helps the brand to come in limelight in a perfect way. Every marketing strategy now involves social media marketing as its core. The reason is simple as it is a cost-effective marketing strategy which can be applied from all type of businesses and also the brand easily attracts its target audience with a great pace.

There are a ton of benefits of social media marketing for a business. The value of social media is considered different for different businesses. As we can compare its value in e-commerce and blog, both have different goals and audiences. In one way or the other, every business that has an online presence is able to grab much traffic from social media.

Makes brand familiar to its potential customers

brand familiar to its potential customers

Social media is the best place where you can increase the visibility of your business. The cost-effective measure will increase your brand value before its audience. One can also increase its brand recognition through social media marketing strategy. Large businesses hire social media marketing agencies which help them to get the exposure of their brand to its users. Small businesses can also use social media to influence their potential consumers. All they have to do is create social media profiles for their business and begin interacting with customers.

The more you make like and shares of post on your page more will you get exposure to the market. Through this, you can build the reputation of your business. The reputation of your brand matters because the customers are more interested to buy brands that they recognize. But on social media, you can quickly build the reputation of your brand as well as can easily be recognized to its potential customers.

The best source of high traffic to your website

source of high traffic to your website

One of the several benefits of social media marketing is it multiplies the traffic. In other words, suppose you uploaded a post on social media with a link and it went viral then it gets multiple shares in one go. Every single content you post on social media gives you another opportunity to get a new customer. There are tons of users on social media with different behavior. You can take insights into your social media traffic to make a better marketing strategy covering different behavior. In this way, one can grab enough customers.

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Social media also affects the search engine ranking

Social media also affects the search engine ranking

Social media don’t affect the brand page ranking on the search engines. But when you are getting more and more clicks on your website and average time on your website increases, it affects the rank. It will affect the position of your page in search engine results. If you are doing great with search engine optimization strategy then social media marketing will boost your place in search results.

The conversion rates are much high with social media marketing

conversion rates are much high

Since people spend much more time on social media rather than any other platform. While using it they interact with several posts and are in a mood to like or share. In the same pattern if the brand is there with a good product then users are more likely to check out on the website. In a survey, it was said that the conversion rate on social media is 40% more than any other online advertising platform.

Social Media Advantages

We are living in the 21st century and it seems a tough life without social media. Social media has become a part of our lives. Not a single section of society is distant from it. Either they are common people, high profile people, and business or else everyone is active on social media and is connected with each other. Remember the days when some of your family members were living far away, you had to make much effort to communicate with them. Now those days are gone, and you are a single click away from your close members, who are living in any part of the world. In this article, we will discuss social media advantages.

Introduction to Social media

Introduction to Social media

Social media had been developed much earlier but there were a few users who were using it. But as the tech innovations in the world speeded up it helped millions of users to come online and use social media. After 2006 it gained a tremendous user as well as reputation. There are also so many benefits of social media for students.

Advantages of social media

advantages of social media

Social media is playing an impactful role in building our society in the perception of truth. Now a few peoples are untouched from social media. If they are there then we call them exceptions. The advantages of social media are described below. You can also write essay on social media advantages from here.

It is the fastest mean of communication.

 No other medium of communication is as fast as of social media. Either the communication is made through text, images, or video it is the fastest mode. Remember those days when you used to write a letter and then have to go and drop the letter in the post office. The letter took at least 3 days to reach the destination. Now within a nanosecond, you are able to send your communication.

 It has connected you to the whole world.

Whatever your location, caste, religion, gender, status is, and you can connect to anyone and can share your inputs to the world. You can also see, hear your favorite person’s daily activity so that you can follow him.

It has helped to elevate the education sector for students.

Students can connect with teachers, experts, and several pages which are providing a lot of resources for students to study free of cost. They can follow their passion on social media which will keep them updated with it. It will also keep students motivated towards his goal. Millions of students are active every time on social media, one can take its advantage by discussing their matter or problems with the like-minded teachers or experts. It is one of the major advantages of social media for students.

Social media can help to get you out from certain problems.

On social media everyone makes friends. Whenever you stuck in a problem when you need urgent help or advice it can help you with that. From a group of people, someone is still there who can help you to get out of the problem.

It keeps you updated with the latest news and information.

Earlier whenever some incident took place we switch on the television and wait for a little to confirm if the news is right or not. Now on social media within a minute we are able to say that news is true or false. The news and information from any part of the world come to us within a minute.

Social media is also helping different organizations and charities to help needy peoples.

By promotion, NGOs and different charities arrange donations from people by the help of social media thus help the needy people. It is also used to promote social welfare activities. These can also be the fastest way to help out someone who is really in need.

It is also helping the business to grow its lead and sales.

If anyone has an offline business and another one has online, both can promote their business to the wide range and large no. of audience. One can promote their business to the whole world. This makes businesses profitable and is much cost-effective. We have observed that most of the expenses made over a business are for promotion and advertising. We can decrease it by involving social media to connect with the right audience. Also we can create brand awareness, manage brand reputation to driving more traffic to our website which will provide the business with more leads and sells. We learnt the advantages of social media marketing.

 It also helps public administration and government to fight against crime.

Now people keep themselves well updated on social media. They post their day to day activities regularly. The same happens with the guilt then the police find it easy to track his activity and follow the evidence.

advantages and disadvantages of social media

Social media marketing agency

As we are aware that social media is playing an important role in increasing leads and sales to a business. Several businesses started hiring social media agencies to keep themselves connected with their audience. One such digital marketing agency in Patna also deals in the same sector.

Why Website Needs SEO?

Introduction to SEO

The term SEO refers to Search Engine Optimization. The first thing that comes to our mind after listening to the term is “Why we need to do SEO for websites?” Interestingly, I was the first student to ask my teacher that if we have many better-designed websites with good content as compared to others then why we still need Search Engine optimization? The teacher praised me for the question and said you are much intelligent because God has given you a mind to think and compare what is best and whatnot. But our search engines are not that much intelligent like you that they can compare websites and say that it has elegant design and good content. So we have to tell search engines in their language that we are better and show us at top. Nowadays search engines are getting more intelligent and started classifying different criteria to judge whether a website is worthy or not. Now if we want our beautiful website to be considered by search engines than we have to fulfill search engines need. And this is called Search Engine Optimization.

What is SEO?

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is a strategy that helps in improving sites ranking in search results. Also, without spending a single buck on adspace. SEO improves a website’s overall searchability and visibility. Every time when we need some products or services, we search it on search engines by using some specific keywords.  In the same way, the audience must be searching for the product and services that are related to your business. The SEO is all about collecting those keywords and working on them so that the targeted audience reach our site.

The need of SEO for our websites

need of SEO for websites in business

There are several reasons which explain why we need SEO for our business website. They are:

  1. A search engine optimized website gets more organic traffic.
  2. SEO doesn’t require any money to pay to search engines for traffic.
  3. By SEO website builds trust in search engine and hence Search engine always gives priority to that website.
  4. SEO helps to increase engagement which further helps to increase leads and sales.
  5. It is a long term strategy to increase audience reach.
  6. It also helps your core target audience to find your site and thus can affect your sales.
  7. SEO is all about beating your competitors and be at the top.
  8. A no. of surveys show that the website for a keyword is on the first page. It gets a relatively higher number of clicks than that of 2nd, 3rd or so on. It helps to maintain your position.
  9. People who find your web site by searching Google they share your website more on social media channels.
  10. These also improves the user experience, usability, and credibility of a website.

Search Engine Optimization company

Best SEO company

Almost every business has built its online presence and they want to rank top at search engines. But suppose the business is dealing with online food marketing, they lack the knowledge of it. Therefore, they hire SEO company (or agency) which helps them to increase traffic on their website thus they get an increase in their lead and sales. Oneion Media & Software is also an SEO company in Patna which helps their clients to increase leads and sales through their websites.

Digital Marketing in India

Before we discuss the opportunities of digital marketing in India, lets first understand “what is digital marketing?”  It is a marketing method that uses an electronic device or the internet to promote the products and services of a company online. Simply we can say that we promote our products and services to the customers who use the internet.

Digital marketing agency

We already know that marketing is all about connecting our business to the right customers at the right time. The Internet has given us the opportunity to do marketing in a better way than that of traditional marketing processes which are being used until today. But traditional marketing practices takes a lot of time, effort, peoples and much more and also its outcome is not fixed. On the other hand, if we talk about digital marketing practices, it takes a lot much less time compared to the traditional one.

Evolution of Indian Digital Marketing

Evolution of digital marketing in India

India is the 2nd most populated country in the world which has the fastest increasing number of internet users than the rest part of the world. In India, the era of digital marketing started around 2010 when snapdeal and Flipkart entered the space of E-Commerce in India. The growth of digital marketing from the year 2010 to 2019 is magical. The growth was achieved due to the internet-enabled mobile phone which has become the primary need for everyone. The future of digital marketing in India is much brighter.

Digital marketing connects directly to its core Customers

customers to digital marketing

These days, the scene of digitalization is much different. Let me tell you some examples. If the mother has to cook a new recipe she crawls the youtube and cooks accordingly. Suddenly you forgot a vocabulary, you ask Google to tell its meaning and google answers it quickly. Earlier it took at least 5 minutes to find a word in the dictionary. Now lets come down on business its more trustworthy to be a part of the cluster. Businesses are going at the sonic boom with digital marketing. Now the customers are defined, now businesses don’t have to read the minds of the people. This work is now done by software and tells the brands about the customers who want their products and services.

Why digital marketing is booming in India?

There are several reasons to explain the same however I am listing here some of the common reasons which are making it brighter day after day.

Traditional marketing to digital marketing pace
  • Traditional marketing requires a lot of effort and has a certain small area to reach.
  • There is extremely less use of manpower and is more productive.
  • The government is also supporting digital marketing through its initiative “Digital India Scheme”.
  • Several institutions came up with a course on digital marketing.
  • There are tremendous opportunities in making a career in Digital Marketing.
  • It’s much affordable for business as well as its customers.
  • Big to small cities are getting digitally stronger.
  • The rapid growth in the number of internet users in India (493 million active users per day).
  • The digital advertising market is also at its peak.

Digital marketing agency in India:

Within 3 years, the demand for digital marketing agencies in India increased to a greater percentage. The reason behind this was a telecom company that started providing cellular data at a cheap cost which helped millions of users come online. Now the brands which had online presence started gaining more popularity than that of offline businesses. Now they started hiring agencies that can help them to build their online presence. In the first step, they need Web design and development. After that, they try to showcase their products and advertisement online through graphics designing. To increase their lead and sales they need SEO services. Some Shopkeepers need E-Commerce solutions. Digital marketing agencies provide all such services mentioned above. Oneion Media & Softwares digital marketing agency deals in website design in Patna.